Our Principals

Our Ranges of Products & Services

Electrical Equipment

  • PSU, UPS
  • Powersolve (xp)
  • Industrial Batteries
  • AGM – Gel -NiCd
  • Yuasa, Exide, Leoch & Customer specified Battery Charger, Stabilizer, PDU, Surge Protector, Uninterrupted Power Supplies Ups (apc, xp etc.), Generators-heavy duty and portable
  • For CBS, Elevators, Solar System, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Extinguisher, Forklift, Safety Appliance Testers, DC, Converter, UPS System
  • Electric Cables – Customer Specified

Mechanical Equipment & Instrumentation

  • Air compressors-oil free
  • Welding & cutting equipments
  • Welding tools and accessories
  • Electric and manual stackers, scissor lift tables
  • Wireless monitoring and management
  • Application sensors
  • Light & heavy drills (excel, rong-fu, makita etc.)

Fibre Optic CABLES & Equipment

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Cables
  • Cable locators
  • Fibre optic cables
  • OTDRs / fusion splicers/ other test equipment(VeEX, Lightel US)
  • Fibre optic connectors & accessories (fusion splicers, connectotrs, pigtails etc.)

Aviation & MRO Supply

  • Air data test set for Pitot Static system
  • Aircraft leak test
  • Altitude and Mach Speed test
  • RVSM support
  • Aircrafts types-Business, Commercial, Military

SMET serves major industries in UAE and Middle East region.

Our Services

  • Repair and maintenance Services -through sub-contractors
  • Calibration Services -through sub-contractors
  • Testing & Commissioning of power equipment
  • Maintenance of Transformers
  • Capacity Test of Batteries
  • Onshore and Offshore oil and gas fields and Facilities Services.

Sales and complete Support for..

  • Industrial Equipment and machinery
  • Electrical Power Storage System
  • Industrial, Solar and Traction Batteries
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Product, Including RF Fibre Optic Equipment
  • Oil and Gas field Supply and Services