RF Safety and Conformance Test Solution

• RF Safety instruments (Personal Protection Monitors) to measure the level of exposure to electromagnetic field and address – potential hazard, regulatory issues, public concerns
• Broadband RF safety dosimeter for electromagnetic fields and alerts.
• Covers new 5G bands, the XS 40 GHz is an EMF measuring device to alert workers

• Broadest solution range based on near field, far-field and compact range for Antenna, EMC, RCS and Radome with support for Aerospace & Defence, Telecommunications, Automotive industries and Academic & Research institutes.
• Antenna measurement chambers
• Standard Test Cell
• Microwave Absorbers – Broadband absorbers made from lightweight urethane foam impregnated with a dielectric material.
• High-performance & low-cost absorber materials specifically designed to meet the increased performance demands of today’s EMC testing requirements.