Aviation and MRO Test Solution

Dedicated, reliable and innovative test solution for Aviation industry. Leak test, MACH, Altimeter, Air speed, Air Data test. Models are available for 2 Channel and 3 Channel for Commercial, Business and General Aviation test; for Pitot Statis system of the aircrafts.

• Model 6200 is a Pitot Static tester targeted for helicopters and Non-RVSM aircraft
• Model 6300 is an RVSM Pitot Static Tester targeted for General Aviation and Business Jets. It is used to perform leak-checks and accuracy checks on the Pitot Static systems of RVSM aircraft
• Model 6300 is an RVSM Pitot Static Tester targeted for all Business Jets.
• The Model 6600-NG Automated Tester is designed to test aircraft equipped with SmartProbes™. The tester has one Static output (Ps1), one Pitot output (Pt) and a third output (Ps2) which can be used to simulate either AOA (angle of attack) or AOS (angle of sideslip).
• The 6300-M3 Automated Tester is designed to connect directly to a Military aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. Using the small and light-weight Remote unit a user can operate the tester from the cockpit and use it to test the entire pitot and static system of the aircraft, including altimeters, climb indicators, airspeed / Mach indicators, air data computers, and auto-pilots.
• The 6580 & 6580-HA (High-Accuracy) Air Data Test Sets are rack-mount units with built-in pressure and vacuum pumps featuring quiet operation. These test sets can be used to test and calibrate altimeters, airspeed / Mach indicators, Climb indicators, Flight data recorders, Air data computers, and EPR indicators.