Laversab Inc. USA

Laversab offers dedicated, reliable and innovative to the Aviation industry.

Pitot Static/Air Data Test – Commercial & Military

Leak test, MACH, Altimeter, Air speed, Air Data test. Models are available for 2 Channel and 3 Channel for Commercial, Business and General Aviation test; for Pitot Statis system of the aircrafts.
Military version supports a wide range for Fighter/Attack jets.
RVSM and Non-RVSM models.

Benchtop/High Accuracy Models

Available for Instrument manufacturer and Calibration workshops.

Microwave Vision Group (MVG) France

MVG – the Microwave Vision Group -, offers the technological expertise, product portfolios and infrastructures of four industry leaders: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and Rainford EMC Systems.


Specialize in measurement solutions using multi-probe technology
– Antenna measurement applications
– Evaluation of material characteristics and RF safety measurements.


Specializes in antenna, RCS, and Radome measurements using advanced positioning systems.
Near-field and Far-field systems;
– From scanners to compact ranges to very large, integrated systems.


EMC Systems provides turnkey and bespoke anechoic and shielded chamber solutions for Antenna & EMC Testing and RF & EMP applications.

Lightel Inc. US

LIGHTEL designs, manufactures, and supplies a broad range of products and services to the fiber optic industry worldwide

Passive Components

Couplers, Splitters, CWDM, DWDM, Isolatros, Attenuator, VOA, PM patchcord, High Power components etc.

Inspection Cleaning & Test

For Fiber Inspection- ViewCon, Connector Inspector, Digital Inspector, Benchtops.
Tips Cleaning, Power meter.


Fiber Forge, Fiber Coating Stripper, Hydrogen generator.

PolyPhaser/Transtector (Infinite Electronics) US

Innovative Lightning and Surge Protection solutions for RF and Data application and for reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world.

RF Surge Protectors

For Amature Radio
Rail, WiFi

Data Surge Protection

RS232, Ethernet, PoE, POTS, Telco Trunk, T1/E1

Hemp Tested Surge Protector

Data Empgrade
Nicd Batteries Packs, Traction Batteries
YUCELL- POWERROAD, Ultracell, Tadiran – Lithium Battery, Solar Batteries, Powersonic, Nova Batteries